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Project Description
Open-source browser for Windows, written in VB.

ChezBrowser - Information & Background

ChezBrowser is a browser that I started in a programming class in my sophomore year in high school. I worked on it as my final (mastery) project. I then realized that it was an interesting project that people might want to use. As such, I released it on the old (defunct) site here under the name of 'ChezBrowser,' because the site's name was Chezbuggahs, and it just matched. From there, it got (almost) nowhere. I rarely worked on it, which made me feel like I was letting people down. So now I want to work on it more. The main thing that I am proud of is the fact that it is the only browser I know of that is written entirely in VB.NET! Also, it has some fun features for you to enjoy. Read about them below. For those of you who are wondering, there is a Mac version of ChezBrowser in development. It's almost identical to the Windows one, only it's native to Mac OS. It will have its own page when it's done. Hold fast!

Current Features

  • Full MLA citation maker.
  • Custom home page.
  • 100% native to Windows, as it's written in VB.NET.

Planned Features

  • Bookmarks*
  • Translator (maybe)
  • Twitter (for tweeting links)*
* Features that are definitely going to be in next release.

Why should I get ChezBrowser?

Well, there are a number of reasons you might want to get it.
  1. You are a business owner/developer for a company:
    1. You need a custom browser for your company/business. You can download the source package for any release of the browser and then edit it to fit your needs.
    2. You need a browser that is distraction-free for your employees (we've all been distracted by Chrome apps and such; This has no such problems.)
  2. You want to make a browser and don't know where to start:
    • You can base yours on the source package. Make sure to give me credit! See the license tab for details.
  3. You are a student and need to MLA cite things:
    • In the ChezBrowser window, go to File > Get MLA Citation. Fill out your info and off you go!
  4. You just wanna switch it up!
    • I understand. I've always bounced around between browsers and had to switch it up so I don't get bored. Well, here's another one to try!
  5. You want to help with development:
    • Thanks! I appreciate it! However, I'm not currently accepting public help. If you want to see something changed/added, put it in the Issue Tracker and I'll see it eventually.

System requirements:

This is a little vague, as I don't actually know the exact requirements. Any help would be appreciated.

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